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Check out Baccalaureate/MD Services

Check out Baccalaureate/MD Services

If you decide you’re certainly about to become medical professional, think going after a baccalaureate and health care extent via a grouped together Baccalaureate/MD (Bacc/MD) software program. Approval to a Bacc/MD course techniques youAnd;ve secured not only a chair in a undergraduate organization but as well provisional acceptance into a medical-related faculty. Continue reading

Democracy beyond representation

[Hilary Wainwright] The question is, is there a way of engaging with, occupying, the state institutions, while dispersing power from those institutions to autonomous sources of democratic power?

In many ways, the Brazilian experience has been my original inspiration for the possibility of such a process. Now the Brazilian situation depresses me. But it inspired me originally because democracy in Brazil was driven by radical social and trade union movements and by a party, the Workers Party, (PT) founded by these movements. Until recently – and still in many regions and localities – the PT was based on the notion that the creativity and organisation and the forms of democracy of the movement had a real primacy. The best experiences like Porto Alegre, were where the political leaders like Olivio Dutro were really modest and saw their job, when they were elected to political office as being to open the institutions, disperse power, and to help support and nurture autonomous sources of power. Continue reading

GAIA, New Social Network Union to Crack Capitalism

This space is an experiment for constructing a new type of transnational social network union that aims at brining individual industrial and non-industrial workers in the Global North, the precariat in the Global South; peasants, domestic and immigrant workers together with social movement activists from other struggle fields, activist/researchers and many others who has to work in order to reproduce his/her life and to provide an open space where we can connect our networks and struggles to each other.
GAIA project is an open invitation for inventing a world wide, common, grassroots, wiki social movement union that will aim an immediate alteration of capitalist social, cultural, and political order.

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